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Sometimes, you just have to gut everything and start over. Is that what you’re after? If so, we can
pull off your full-scale Portland home remodel with the high degree of pride and passion that we
pour into all of our remodeling projects. When you work with us to remodel your home, you get an
unparalleled amount of professional insight and oversight every step of the way.

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We know that time is important. We also know that when you let your focus slip, you end up
wasting time. Home remodels are big projects: you want a company that can stay focused the
whole way through and pull them off. Doing that takes a level of professional discipline that we at
One Call Construction and Remodeling like to imagine we’ve set the standard for.
From bottom to top, basement to attic, you won’t have a single worry. We’ll take care of
everything. From installation of carpet, tile, or hardwood, we’ll make sure that the floors glisten and
are in incredible shape. Every drop of paint on the wall will be thoughtfully brushed. Every lighting
fixture will be conducive to bringing your home to life. We’re going to bring practicality and beauty
to your home at a budget that will leave you smiling.

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