Hardscapes are often the most functional areas of your environment, and can dramatically alter the landscape’s appearance and usability. Hardscapes tend to reduce the amount of soil compaction that can bring other complications to the plants and trees, otherwise. One of the main benefits of hardscaping is to have an addition to the scenery of your neighborhood, providing spaces to dine, meet, or lounge outdoors. With great hardscapes in Portland, Oregon, One Call Construction and Remolding services experts can help you properly design and install your next living space outdoors. Hardscape construction will not only dramatically enhance any home’s aesthetic appeal but also likely to increase your home’s value. We would be able to collaborate for you with decades of experience dealing with stone and concrete to create your outdoor paradise while sticking to your budget

As far as Portland home builders go, we like to imagine that we’re far above the competition in terms of both the breadth of services offered as well as their quality. We can also remodel houses on the ground – whether you’re needing an entire rework or just a room or two reimagined.

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If you’re considering a paver patio, outdoor kitchen, or walkway, concrete pavers are an excellent choice. Pavers are often more affordable than natural stone and can enhance almost any outdoor living space.

Today’s homeowners are often DIY’ers, yet laying pavers can be back-breaking work!!! One Call Construction and Remodeling Services can help no matter what phase your projects in. We hold all the necessary materials for building beautiful patios, sidewalks, and walkways. We have just what you need with the best quality and highest value paver stones contractor around. From start to finish, design to installation One Call Construction & Remodeling Services Llc. Works with you to ensure you get exactly what you envisioned from the beginning while staying on time and budget. Familiarize yourself with these four things to know about patio pavers before bringing these must-have additions to your hardscape.

It is easy to install and cost-friendly than stone.

We love natural stone (who doesn't?), but for every circumstance or budget, it isn't the best option. Pavers are a durable material that enables installation and typically at a lower cost.

Skills and experience matters

It's easier to install pavers than to use natural stone. In Portland, there are several unqualified paver installers. Although this is a good starting point, ensure that someone with more expertise and experience installs your patio or driveways. You can trust One Call Construction and Remolding Service.

Know about Paver Patio Maintenace

While building a paver courtyard could cost more, its long-term maintenance costs substantially outweigh the overall price tag. The maintenance of pavers is straightforward because you need to keep your patio beautiful by sweeping and cleaning with water. A pressure washer effectively eliminates stains, while numerous paver manufacturers produce exceptionally stainless products, one should remain a rare occurrence

Go all green with permeable Patio pavers

Always remain environmentally friendly with permeable patio pavers that direct rainwater and irrigation to the land rather than to the river run. In addition to protecting your municipal water source against the harmful rush, permeable pavers systems also allow you to adhere to the existing construction requirements.

Outdoor kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the house. Have you ever noticed how all of your guests seem to end up gathering around the kitchen and enjoying the food and companionship each time you entertain? Your experience of living outdoors is no different. The kitchen outside is the core of your entertaining outdoor space. Isn’t it the time you gave it the care it deserves? We will not only design and build you a beautiful project at One Call Exterior Construction Company, but we will also create a space with the comfortable features of your interior. We trust in the service that we offer and stand behind it.

Decorative concrete

Do you plan on replacing or installing a patio, driveway, walkway, or other surfaces? The durability and price point of concrete cannot beat, but you don’t have to settle for a plain gray slab. One of the most amusing ways to beautify your property is decorative concrete. This enhances the attractiveness of residences and companies and their worth. This is because concrete is exceptionally robust, and is usually more than half a century thick. Our specialists will help you find the best decorative solution for your home. Our decorative concrete includes:

Stamped concrete

allows you to create the look of any material that you might think of, including an element only in your imagination. Decorative stamped concrete is versatile, beautiful, and fully customizable-endless possibilities. You may want your driveway to look like cobbles of rustic stone, modern tiles, or classic red bricks. Perhaps through your dream of an exquisite architecture embossed upon a sleek, sandy backyard patio.

Colored concrete

– Several methods are used to color concrete. Varying colors can be achieved depending on whether the process uses acids or water-based stains. These cover a wide range. Acid produces a broader pastel paint spectrum, while water-based stains are perfect for dark earth tones. It is an ideal opportunity to put the sports court away from the rest of the team. One Call Construction and Remolding Services are the leading decorative concrete contractor for companies and homeowners in Portland. As a concrete contractor, we planned, designed, and poured decorative concrete locally for residential and commercial use. Regardless of what look or the width of the region you want to be decorated, we can do it. This is because our concrete jobs are a step above the rest.

Deck and porches

The unmatched beauty of One Call Construction decking work in Portland, Oregon, and its surrounding areas will distinguish your living space. Our long experience in combined decking, customer decking, and carpentry for outdoor living is a no better option. You can not find a more pleasurable experience except from One Call Contractor. From our no duty consulting and design service to the final product . Our decks are made of high-quality materials. We have a broad range of decking options from our beautiful natural wood options to our human-made composite options. Your most challenging projects are a welcome challenge in One Call Construction and Remolding Service. If you look out in the sun on a simple cedar deck, go up the stairs to the view or look for an overhead shade, we may build it if you see.


One Call Construction and Remolding Services offer skilled fencing maintenance and efficient construction inside and outside the Portland Metro. Through our joint fencing expertise, we have represented our culture. Our Portland fencing expert offers high-quality chain links, timber, plastic, pre-cast concrete, farm fencing, ornamental wire, aluminum fencing, and fence reparation. We also provide commercial and industrial facilities such as temporary fence leasing, factory fencing, institutional fencing, automatic entry systems, surveillance, and several others. Be it iron fencing, cedar fencing, or privacy fencing, you can count on us on giving you the best.