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Here’s a simple fact: there are a load of general contractors and remodeling services in the Portland area. At One Call Construction and Remodeling Services, we like to think that we’ve earned our place to compete – and that we stand out among the pack as well. We offer a hand for everything from dreaming up your house to the very last finishing touches of it becoming a reality.

As far as Portland home builders go, we like to imagine that we’re far above the competition in terms of both the breadth of services offered as well as their quality. We can also remodel houses on the ground – whether you’re needing an entire rework or just a room or two reimagined.

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We can help your project come together through:

  • Budget and planning consultation
  • Effective and professional team skilled in every area of home construction
  • Intimate knowledge of building materials and their uses
  • In-depth understanding of the latest technologies in architecture
Don’t leave your project in the wrong hands. Get in contact with the construction company that
lives and breathes Portland. We express ourselves through our craftsmanship, care, and
concentration, and our team is built up of skilled individuals with a real passion for construction.
Reach out to us so we can bring that passion to your project.

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