Decks and Porches

When the spring comes, you want to be outside. On those sunny days where the cool breeze lifts
through the trees, imagine yourself outside. Maybe you’re grilling for your family with a beer in your
hand, or maybe you’re in a comfy patio chair reading. Maybe you’re idly swinging on the porch
with a cup of tea in your hand. Regardless of what your fantasy is, the deck and porch are an often
vastly underrated part of the home. If your deck or porch are old or even falling apart, we can help
you get them back in tip-top shape; if you decide you want to add on a deck to your home, we can
help there too.

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Many people will tackle building a deck as their first DIY projects – after all, how hard can it be?
Those same people learn pretty quickly that it can actually be fairly difficult. Not to mention, if you
don’t understand engineering or construction very well, it’s all too easy to build an unsafe deck.
Why take the risk? Bring your project to the Portland remodeling company with the most knowhow
and skill.
Porches are even harder to DIY, especially if you’re trying to screen it in or replace porch columns.
Much like a poorly constructed deck, not knowing what you’re doing when DIYing work on your
porch can lead to you actually compromising your safety, both in the short-term and down the

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