It’s called a restroom, not a stressed room. Your old and outdated bathroom shouldn’t tire you out.
We’re the premier bathroom remodelers in Portland, OR, and we can turn your restrooms from
drab to fab in no time flat. By starting with a consultation to learn what you’re wanting, we can
really distill your needs into a final vision that will leave you stunned every time you walk in.

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What do you have in mind? Twin vanities? A dramatic waterfall faucet? Gutting the whole thing and
starting over? We can help you out. Our skilled team has the knowhow to give you the bathroom
you really want. We offer a flurry of different services for the renewal of your tired restroom:
  • Replacement of toilets and baths
  • Installation of new flooring
  • Intricate custom shower and sink fixtures
By starting from zero, we’ll work with you to develop an idea of a bathroom that is not just a
bathroom – but also a sanctuary. Every time you go in there, you’ll feel relaxed inside and
rejuvenated when you leave. That’s how a restroom really should be.

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